Stag Dental Care is your local family focused Rotherham dental practice. We aim to provide high quality dentistry within a friendly and pleasant environment. Our staff have invariably been with us for some time and are dedicated to providing a high level of service to patients. All our dentists are registered with their relevant professional bodies and are engaged in on going training.
The practice is being constantly updated to ensure a comfortable and relaxed physical surroundings for patients and for staff alike is achieved. We are always evaluating new dental techniques and equipment and incorporate these when we consider there is a benefit to our patients.

Practice Philosophy

Our aim is to provide you with high quality oral health care which will help to promote your general health and wellbeing. We believe our existing patients come back to us because we provide a personalised service which encourages the individual to develop a trusting relationship with their dental practitioner and the wider dental team. The patient is then empowered to take greater control of their dental health and make more effective choices concerning it. Most of our new patients come through personal recommendation and we are keen to show these individuals our services and discuss their needs with us at length if necessary and free of charge.

We believeprevention is better than cure and seek to promote good standards of oral hygiene. Should you require dental treatment we are keen that you should be provided with all the options available to you and that we have presented these in a manner that you clearly understand in order that you can make an informed choice.

We went to make the patient journey through the practice from that initial call to completion of the treatment episode as comfortable as possible. We constantly review the level of service we offer and the treatments available. The dental environment is always changing and there are always improvements that can be made.

We are a small family run practice who is keen to serve the local community and those who choose to travel to us from further afield. Our patients know that we are keen to listen to them and respond to them in a way that may not be possible when dealing with corporate dentists where the owner of the business is absent from the practice. We understand that our continued existence and growth depends on offering a dental service that is competitive and able to respond to the individual needs of the patient.


We will endeavour to:
  • Ensure you are fully aware of the treatment options made available to you by the dental team. Reception staff will willingly go through your chosen option again after you have left the surgery.
  • A written estimate of costs will be provided for each and every option.
  • Make every effort to ensure you are seen at your appointed time. If there is a delay we will try to inform you as soon as possible to enable you to decide whether you wish to wait or to make another appointment. We do periodically monitor how well we are doing in terms of keeping to appointment times and if necessary adjust estimated times of treatments.
  • Endeavour to make your stay at the practice as pleasant as possible. We will try to provide a calm and atmosphere which is conducive to your treatment. Should you require time to compose yourself and a hot or cold drink before or after treatment please ask reception staff and it will be willingly provided.
We would expect you to:
  • Respect our time by arriving promptly for appointments.
  • Give us at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend for an appointment.
  • Inform us of any change in your circumstances that might have bearing on us providing you with an appropriate dental service. These for example may include a change in your contact details or your health status.
  • Pay for treatment as and when it is provided. The practice has a policy of requesting payment at intervals throughout a treatment plan which avoids single large payment at the end. We also have finance scheme available for those who are likely to incur costs which would be better spread over a longer period.

Level of service

We aim to provide a complete service to our patients and we encourage patients to liaise with us whether their dental concerns are little or large. We recognise that patients require and deserve a dental service which is geared to meet their needs and that patient satisfaction is the only way we can retain our present patients and seek to recruit new ones.

Patient Care

We believe good oral health will make a lasting contribution to the individual’s general health and wellbeing. New patients will be encouraged to discuss their oral health care whilst forming a long term relationship with their dental practitioner. We have discovered that the patients who benefit most from good oral health are those who have been with the practice some time and have developed a trusting relationship with their dentist. The patient is then in a position to consider future treatments and plan for their long term oral health. This is a world away from only going to the dentist when a problem arises and possibly seeing different dentists where the all important elements of continuity and trust are lacking.

Nervous and Anxious Patients

We are aware that many individuals are “put off” visiting the dentist because of previous negative experiences or the negative experiences of the others which have been recounted to them. Many individuals may also simply be nervous of visiting the dentist and display a high level of anxiety when doing so. In order to counter these difficulties we foster a calm and relaxed atmosphere throughout the practice and the specific needs of these individuals are discussed within the team. New patients who experience anxiety are free to visit the practice prior to their appointment and book a chat with the dentist via reception. Individuals may also wish to telephone the practice manager in order to address any concerns they may have. We are happy to extend this service to new patients free of charge as we have found patient-practitioner relationships that get off to a good start tend to last.
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