I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the treatment that I have recently received at Stag Dental. Due to past unpleasant experiences at dentists I had not visited a dental practice for over 40 years and to be frank, I was ashamed of my teeth. Eventually, I plucked up courage and rang the Stag Dental practice. The receptionist I spoke to was very reassuring and made me an initial consultation appointment. Having not visited a dentist for over 40 years, I ended up visiting 6 times over the following 7 weeks. Joanne and the dental nurses, Alicia and Ettienne were all brilliant and any fear I had about visiting a dentist has now been removed. Thank you so much Joanne for allowing me to be able to smile again. I can honestly say that the most difficult part was picking up the telephone to ring for an initial consultation.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the fantastic experience that I recently had as a new patient with your surgery
I came across to your surgery as I was desperately searching for a practice which offered a sedation service for all types of dental work, I needed your help as I am incredibly nervous and anxious as a dental patient and have been all my life.  I knew I needed to have treatment but really struggled to find an alternative to laying awake and terrified during procedures that you carried out.  I was immediately relieved to find that you would be willing to treat me, and reassured that the proposed sedation would help.
I was invited to your surgery for an initial assessment which I felt was very important as this gave me time to discuss my anxiety problems, I went into the treatment having had all the process fully explained to me, and so I felt comfortable from the outset.  All the staff on reception made me feel at ease and bolstered my confidence with their understanding and kind words, I was not made to feel like just another patient but someone who needed a little help and they were there to do just that.
I had the procedures carried out under the sedation and was able to stay calm and comfortable throughout, I would like to thank Joanne for the way she helped me and for the expert dental work she carried out, and for turning what would have been a quite traumatic time for me into a a straight forward and stress free procedure.
I will definitely be returning to your surgery for any future dental treatment I may need and cannot thank you highly enough.

Many thanks.
Janet M.

To all the wonderful staff at Stag Dental Care
I have always been nervous of attending the dentist, for no particular reason. If a visit is arranged I would not sleep for days beforehand and have all the usual symptoms, sweaty palms, upset tummy and trembling.
So when I moved house I didn’t let my dentist know to avoid getting reminders. This meant I didn’t go for years. The loss of quite a large chunk of tooth meant I had to pluck up the courage to make an appointment. The receptionist was very kind and suggested I might try sedation. This immediately appealed to me as I imagined being “knocked out” and not knowing anything about the procedure.
When I came for my consultation the details of what would happen were explained very clearly to me and everything was done to make me feel comfortable.
On the day, the procedure was once again explained to me, that I would be conscious throughout and able to hear and speak to the dentist. A little nervous again, we began. A cannula was placed in the back of my hand and the sedative injected. I was told if I needed more to let them know. The Dental Nurse held my hand and I just felt very calm and relaxed, not light head or drowsy, but very comfortable.
After the treatment I was quite surprised not to feel “out of it”, but I had a short sleep in the afternoon that day just because I hadn’t slept the night before.
I had sedation again for my next treatment as it was another quite big appointment. It probably wont be necessary for small fillings etc., but I would certainly recommend anyone in a similar position to me to ask for sedation.
Thanks to all the very kind and supportive staff, I have made regular appointments to avoid the need for such a large amount of work in the future.

Kindest regards,

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